The Spheres of Magic

The Spheres of Magic are energy centers resting within the body, along the spinal column. When attuned to a Sphere, the mage can manipulate its corresponding element in the outer world. Most mages are only attuned to one or two Spheres in their lifetime.

But the powers of the Spheres are not endless: prolonged use can drain and weaken the user. Or, if tapped by a necromancer, can turn the host into something entirely inhuman.



Resting at the crown of the head, the Sphere of Maya is the most elusive of all Spheres. Also known as the GodSphere, Maya can manipulate time and space…but at a terrible cost. Unlike the other four Spheres, one cannot be attuned to Maya. It may only be sought through meditation, practice…and, in some pantheons, through the Sphere seeking the mage.


Resting in the throat, Air is linked to clear thought and communication. Due to its subtle nature, Air is almost limitless in its energy, and takes quite long to be drained. Which is lucky for the mage that uses it–Air can create the strongest gales and even allow for flight, but overuse can leave its user addled…and breathless.



Burning brightly in the chest, Fire is linked to the harsher emotions of the heart. Fire mages are impulsive, rash, and quick to anger. Because the Sphere can be fueled by rage, its magic is favored by necromancers. Its power is as fierce as its repercussions, and Fire mages experience an almost godlike euphoria in the height of their power…until the magic burns them alive.



Glowing darkly in the stomach, Water’s link to emotions–often negative–means it is a dangerous Sphere to wield. Tempestuous, mutable, and highly unstable, Water can dredge up long-forgotten memories and pain. Able to manipulate the deepest oceans, the Sphere can give its mage unimaginable strength…or it can drown them in anguish.



Resting in the pelvis, Earth is the densest and thus quickest to drain of all Spheres–thus why it’s often tapped by necromancers to create hasty kravens. Despite this, Earth is a Sphere of healing. Strong, steady, and resilient, Earth mages are able to weather the darkest of storms. But overuse can leave them brittle and broken…or like the monsters they’ve sworn to destroy.