The Hunters

Of the few remaining humans, only a handful have been taught to fight back. Using the same magic that damned humanity in the first place, they are our last hope for salvation.



There are many who want to watch the world burn. Aidan is one of the few willing to bring it about. Attuned to Fire and sworn to the Guild, Aidan is nonetheless driven by his Sphere’s more…erratic impulses. Marooned in Scotland, he fought his way to the top of the Guild. And he will keep fighting until the world is liberated from the undead scourge. Or until the world bends knee. Whichever comes first.



Kianna is a force of nature unto herself. Refusing to wield any Sphere, she has instead trained herself in martial arts and weaponry. Those who haven’t seen her fight would question how she’d survived so long; those who have seen her in battle have zero doubt. Not that anyone doubting her would say it to her face. Her wit is as sharp as her blade, and her tongue as focused as the aim of her pistol. The only person she puts up with is Aidan, and even that is questionable at times.



Tenn never wanted a life of bloodshed. He craved only a home, and a partner to share it with. The world instead gave him a terrible destiny. He’s attuned to Water and Earth, though lately, Water seems to be fighting back. As though it has a mind of its own, and he but a puppet. And with the servants of the Dark Lady at his throat, the last thing he needs is mutinous magic. His future may be unknown, but one thing is clear: he is more than meets the eye…for better, or for worse.



A charismatic commander from Outer Chicago, Jarrett seems calm and collected. In battle, his use of Air is as sharp and swift as his sword, making him a terrifying adversary. But his stoic demeanor hides a softer side, and a history that is more than bloodshed.



Dreya is an enigma at best. Quiet yet well-spoken and powerful beyond measure, her past is as clouded as the storms she summons. Attuned to Air, Fire, and Water–though preferring Air–she wields no weapon save her magic in battle. This should be to her detriment, but in battle she is the deadliest of fighters.



Like his twin sister, Devon is attuned to three Spheres: Fire, Air, and Water. His terrifying proficiency with Fire should make him a rash, unpredictable ally. But his near-silence and consistent meditation seem to keep his burning rage in check. For some reason, he is never seen without his crimson scarf, some relic from a life long past.


Hunter images by Beatrice Schares