Oct 30


Hello lovelies,

Two days after the release of MARTYR, and I can now announce another project that’s stealing my heart. I’ve been very, very excited to share this with you. It’s an idea I’ve had ever since the Final Act, and now, it’s ready to take the stage.


You heard right! The first book, tentatively titled THE CHANGELING, is set to debut from 47North in August of 2015.
[Potential Immortal Circus spoilers ahead. Don’t read on unless you’ve read The Final Act]


Used w/ permission, Kindra Nikole Photography

Used w/ permission, Kindra Nikole Photography


The book follows Claire, who is Queen Mab’s royal assassin (and looks a lot like the photo above). Although the demons have been vanquished, trouble still stirs in the heart of Faerie, deep in the lands neither Mab nor Oberon can touch. The Dream is being sucked dry, and rumors spread of a brewing revolution. It’s up to Claire to venture through mortal and Faerie to find and destroy the threats to her mother’s kingdom. The greatest danger, however, might be coming from within.

Old allies (including one tattooed magician) and new loves, familiar places and seedy nightclubs (sex, Dream, and rock and roll!), all mixed with a dose of kickass magic and razorblade wit. Claire is a force to be reckoned with. Then again, so are the evils she’s bound to face.
I cannot WAIT to share more of this exciting project with you.

And I will.


The Circus is coming back to town….

Oct 20

Martyr — Chapter 3

The last week before MARTYR launches! Who’s excited!? I’M EXCITED!

And here’s the third teaser chapter for Martyr. As always, click the image to download or ‘read more’ to view on site. :)


Chapter 3 PDF


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Oct 13

Martyr — Chapter Two

As it says, here’s the next chapter in Martyr!
Click the image for the pdf, or select after the cut to read on.

Third chapter coming soon!




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Oct 07

Martyr sneak peek!

Hey friends,
As you may have seen over at www.fearthehunted.com, I’m releasing the first chapter of MARTYR on my blogs to entice you into pre-ordering the book which comes out 10/28. Click the image for the pdf or click below the cut for the full text!

Martyr cover 18aug2014_highres




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Oct 03

Martyr wins a Moonbeam

Hey all!

Exciting news today: I can officially announce that MARTYR has won Bronze in the YA Fantasy category of the Moonbeam Awards! These awards are presented by the Jenkins Group, an independent publishing company.  Given to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading, the Moonbeam is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious awards given to books from smaller publishers.

I’m incredibly honored and excited to have been considered and awarded. There were many amazing books nominated this year, so congrats to all authors involved!

For more info, click HERE.

Sep 11

Want a signed book?

Hey friends,

In a little over a month my new series, The Hunted, debuts, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

I mean really, what’s not to love: you have monsters (some scary, some sexy) and twisted magic and an angsty gay protagonist. It’s kind of the perfect Halloween release. I know what you’re thinking: Alex, this sounds amazing! I just wish I could get a signed copy and some awesome swag to share.

That’s why, from now until November 1st, if you send me proof of purchase of MARTYR, I’ll send you a signed bookplate some other awesome swag*.
Email me a screencap of your receipt (bookstore, online, wherever) to AlexRKahler @ Gmail (dot) com to get your swag.
Even better: Tweet a pre-order link and @ARKahler and I’ll throw in more swag for you. :)

And check out these bookplates. You know you want them.
* Swag may include: bookmarks, stickers, trading cards, tokens of eternal love, cupcakes, and more.

May 26

Got Swag?

In case you missed it, I’ll be signing ARCs of MARTYR at BEA this week. Spencer Hill Press booth. Friday. 10AM.
Be there or be a hexagon.

There will be swag. Including sexy stickers and a brilliant bookmarks.
There will also be me. My current goal is to take as many hilarious fan photos as possible so…if you’re going to be there, start brainstorming potentially-embarrassing photo ops. I will be the Rihanna of publishing, damnit!



Also, paperback copies of FINAL ACT are out on Tuesday! I won’t have copies at BEA but I do have bookplates!


May 12

New Books! Ravenborn!

As some of you guys know, it’s been a fairly rough few weeks on this corner of the continent. Laptop jacked from car, work lost, deadlines missed, and much more, it’s been…trying.



I’m so excited to finally announce that I’ll be working with the fantabulous Michael Strother over at Simon Pulse to publish my new YA series, Ravenborn. From Publisher’s Marketplace:

Alex Kahler’s RAVENBORN, pitched as Neil Gaiman’s American Gods meets Donna Tartt’s The Secret History as teens in an art school must solve a classmate’s murder and avoid becoming pawns in a battle royale set in motion by ancient gods, to Michael Strother at Simon Pulse, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2016, by Laurie McLean at Foreword Literary (NA)
Dramatic: Brandy Rivers at The Gersh Agency
Foreign: Taryn Fagerness


All of my books are special to me in some way. But this one…this one’s extra special.
The opening line of Ravenborn came to me in that weird place at 3am when you’re trying to sleep but can’t. The first draft was plotted on an overnight train in Norway. The first chapters were written in European cafes and in a circus tent (more on that later). And now, a few rewrites and years later, it’s found a home. I’ve been in touch with Michael for some time and I…honestly couldn’t be happier that Ravenborn and all its quirky inhabitants have found a place under his care.

We have POC and LGTBQ protagonists, art school drama, complicated boycrushes, psuedo-intellectual conversations about art, the ironic use of the words ‘juxtaposed’ and ‘post-modern’ and more snark than you can shake a stick at.

Also, Scandinavian and pre-Celtic gods.
Because Ragnarok comes….

Mar 18

And more!

Apparently this is the Week of Big Writing-Related Things.

Not only is today the cover reveal, but today’s the day I can finally talk about the book I worked on last year. Presenting, CIRCUS CRUSH!

It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before. Mainly because it’s contemporary middle grade, and thus there’s no swearing or murder or magic. But it was a blast to write, and I’m so honored to be working with such an amazing team at Simon Pulse. Michael Strother and Nicole Ellul have been stellar editors, and I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

For now, the blurb from Publisher’s Marketplace.

Alex Kahler’s CIRCUS CRUSH, in which circus camp comes to town over Spring Break and the teens learn about juggling, clowning around, and the high-flying feeling of first love, to Michael Strother at Simon Pulse, in a nice deal, for publication in 2015, by Laurie McLean at Foreword Literary (World).
[email protected]

Mar 17

Super Sexy Cover Reveal!

Hey loves,

I have been waiting for AGES to share this with you. And that’s par for course, seeing as we sold this book nearly two years ago–this is a world I’ve been so eager to give you! The incubation period between the initial sale and now has allowed the story to flourish in amazing new ways, and I couldn’t be happier with the entire process. This one’s gonna be big.

A HUGE thank you to my amazing editor, Patricia Riley, the entire Spencer Hill Press team, and IceyDesigns, for the BEAUTIFUL cover. Seriously…I saw this and teared up.


This series has it all.

Tainted magic.
Ruined cities.
Gay protagonists.
Kickass straight sidekicks.
And, to quote Patricia, a villain with “panty dropping powers.”

Don’t forget, a portion of the proceeds will go to charity, so please vote in and share the poll below!

Also, there’s more info about the series as a whole at the official website : www.fearthehunted.com


And now….
are you ready?

wait for it….



To which charity should A.R. Kahler donate a portion of his proceeds from MARTYR?
The Trevor Project
To Write Love on Her Arms

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