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K.r. Alexander is the pseudonym for Alex R. Kahler.

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They’re looking for you.


If you don't stand up to your fears,
they will destroy you.

When five kids are invited to a cemetery at midnight, they think it's just a prank. When they find a gravestone that instructs them to dig up a grave, they think it's just a joke.

It's no joke.

An evil force is unleashed - a force that takes the shape of their worst fears.

A shark in the water.
A ghost in the walls.
A nightmare of being buried alive.
A snake about to strike.
A sinister clown waiting in the woods.

Once these fears are released, they won't go away. Not without a fight. . . .

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Nominated for 2019 Ohio Buckeye Children’s & Teen Book Award & the 2019 Maine Student Book Award

There are three rules…

Josie always liked visiting her grandmother’s house. But when she’s forced to move there, she starts to feel like something is a little . . . off. Her grandmother has some very strange rules:

1. Never leave your windows open after dark.
2. No dolls in the house.
3. Never, ever go by the house in the woods.

A little spooked, Josie is relieved to find that her school seems pretty normal. She even manages to make friends with a popular girl named Vanessa. When Vanessa invites Josie back to her house to hang out, Josie doesn’t question it. Not even when Vanessa takes her into the woods and down an old dirt road, toward the very house her grandmother had warned her about.

The house that has been calling for her.

THE COLLECTOR is available at your local Scholastic Book Fair!

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