Alex is a Nomad at heart

Born in small-town Iowa, Alex knew from a young age that he wanted two things from life: to tell stories*, and to see everything he could possibly see. From 16 on, he has bounced all around the world in various capacities: volunteering in the wilds of Norway, teaching circus arts in Madrid, and getting his Masters in Creative Writing from Glasgow University. He’s taught and traveled with circus groups, waited tables in the middle of nowhere, and even performed as a living statue gargoyle in Michigan. He fully believes that succeeding in life is an unknowable mix of working your butt off, giving freely, and managing to be in the right place at the right time.

He is the author of more than a dozen books for children and adults, including the international bestseller THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS, which was optioned for TV, and with the breakout middle grade chiller THE COLLECTOR. He is represented by Brent Taylor of Triada Literary US. Alex’s goal is to continually expand queer rep in children’s fiction, which has begun in earnest with his award-winning teen series the RUNEBINDER CHRONICLES.

In 2018, he began writing books for younger readers under the pen name K.R. Alexander. He will have many more books out under that moniker very soon!

As he intentionally avoids all social media, the best way to learn about new books or promotions is to sign up for his mailing list.

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Currently, he resides in Seattle. But that is bound to change.

*Throughout his life, he has also wanted to: be a silversmith, be the next Kenny G, be a contortionist, and a dozen other things. Needless to say, he likes exploring new hobbies.