The Immortal Circus

Enter the provocative and deadly world of the Cirque des Immortels and discover why this international bestseller has sold over 100,000 copies.
Under this big top, nothing and no one is as it seems. And in this show, you truly can run away forever.

If you live that long…



Cirque des Immortels Bk 1

Murdered contortionists aren’t exactly what Vivienne signed up for when she ran away to join the circus. But like most things under the big top, nothing is what it seems. With a past she can’t quite remember, Vivienne finds that running away forever might not be as appealing as it once sounded—especially not when she realizes the devilishly attractive ringleader Mab is the Faerie Queen of legend…and that she and the rest of the troupe are locked in an age-old rivalry between the otherworldly Courts.

Aided by her friends Kingston—a feisty stage magician whose magic is quickly stealing her heart—and his smart-ass assistant Melody, Vivienne finds herself racing against the clock to discover the culprit behind a series of deaths that should be impossible. However, the answer she seeks might reveal more about her own bloody past—and future—than she bargains for.

The show’s just beginning. Step right up….

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AlexRKahler_TheImmortalCircusActTwo_V1THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS: ACT TWO
Cirque des Immortels Bk 2

Vivienne is almost content with her new life in the Cirque des Immortels. She has moved up from selling cotton candy to telling fortunes, she has a gorgeous, magical boyfriend, Kingston…and no one has been murdered since the clash between the otherworldly Courts. Her life under the faerie big top would be perfect, in fact, if not for the nightmares and visions that compel her to seek and confront her half-remembered past. But for Viv, not knowing her past may well be a blessing. There’s a reason she ran away. But can she truly escape herself?

The second act of the fantastically evocative Cirque des Immortels series, The Immortal Circus: Act Two draws readers further into a world that’s at once wonderful, seductive…and deadly.




Cirque des Immortels Bk 3

The riveting final book in the seductively magical Cirque des Immortels trilogy!

Despite Vivienne’s broken heart and deadly truths, the show must go on at the Cirque des Immortels. But it takes more than glamour and sex appeal to keep the Big Top running; without the magic and support Viv came to rely on, the circus is in danger. Now the troupe verges on rebellion, the war between Mab and Oberon rages on, and a horrifying menace looms—with Vivienne stuck in the middle of it all.

When Mab’s manipulations put others at risk, Viv has to decide where her heart lies. Everything depends on her choices. How can she know her true desires? And will she have what it takes to fight the demons she must face?

New possibilities and old passions collide in this ravishing grand finale to the trilogy.

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41 thoughts on “The Immortal Circus

  1. Just finished Act Two….surely there is more to come?? Thank you for the beautiful writing. I’m looking forward to more!

  2. Loved the first book!!! The way you described the circus and the show is AMAZING!!! And who wouldnt love kingston!! Great amazing book!

  3. College student here; spent the last 3 days doing nothing but reading Acts 1 & 2. Who needs to study for midterms anyways?

    Please please tell me there’s more to come of this story. I’m a journalism student and spend most days reading news clippings about the amazingly depressing real world and it’s so rare to find an escape as wonderful as these books.

    I laughed, I cried, I denied myself sleep to stay up reading, and now I need more! Two books wasn’t enough!!

  4. I just finished Acts 1&2. I cannot wait for 3! I loved these books. I completely devoured them both in 5 nights of staying up too late! I could not put them down. Thank you.

  5. Just finished Act II today…I’m so happy to hear the third book will be available soon. I can’t wait to read more! Amazing story! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenni!
      Yes. The book should be available closer to the end of this month! I’m so excited for it to go overseas. 😀

  6. Hi,
    I have just finished reading Acts 1 & 2 today. Is the finale out in the UK yet. I am hoping Kingston show up somehow, but whatever happens, I am sure it will be good. Thanks.

  7. Just stumbled across this series – can’t even remember how, to be honest!…anyway, I read the first book and immediately bought the next 2 and devoured them! Perfectly bittersweet throughout, I loved the whole series! Will now proceed to buy anything you ever right :)

    1. Awww, thank you Gillian! Voracious readers like you make all the writing so worth it!
      I honestly hope you enjoy everything else just as much as the Immortal Circus!!

  8. Hey, We met at the RT book fair in New Orleans and you signed a copy of the Immortal Circus for my friend, Sarah. I just finished it on the flight home and it was fantastic. Thank you so much.

    1. You are so welcome, Delainey! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a definite pleasure to meet you, and I hope our paths cross again soon!

  9. This story looks really exciting, but i cant read it because I do not find in my country ( Hungary ) ='(
    And expected translation? =$

    1. Hi Dora!
      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about that. At the moment, I don’t know of any upcoming Hungarian translation, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will change! Hopefully you can grab an English copy somewhere?

      1. Yes yes, I found it on ebay =)
        So I can’t wait to arrive and start the read.

        Thank you for your answer, you are really kind. =D

        1. I’m so glad you found a copy! If you email me your mailing address I’d happily send you a signed bookplate for all of your trouble!!

  10. Great series! Read all 3 back to back. I’m wondering if a fourth is in the works? I know it said Final Act for book 3, but it didn’t feel like it at the end. Mab still has some unfinished business/contract with Vivienne… Will we get to see how that plays out? (I hope!)

    1. Hi Kim!
      I can’t say anything for certain about a sequel, but I can say…you should probably follow this site/me on Twitter. Because I will hopefully have news on that front soon. There is a LOT of unfinished business….

  11. Omg! I just finished all 3 books! They were amazing!! Do you plan on making a fourth one? I would like to see what would happen if Vivian was reborn another time.

    1. Yep yep! There is definitely a new book in this world coming. In fact, there’s an entirely new spinoff series called “Blade of Winter” debuting this September!!!

  12. I love the books so far. I just finish act two. I couldn’t stop crying over Kingston. Can someone PLEASE tell me that he somehow comes
    Back in the Final Act, or I won’t be able to start the last book. I really need to know!!

    1. I won’t ruin anything, but let’s just say you should definitely read the last book.
      Things under the big top aren’t always how they appear….

      1. OMG thank you. That really gives he hope. I will get on the finale act. I love Kingston and all the other character. Can’t wait to see what new spinoff story’s you come up with next. 😀

        1. Yay! I hope you love it as much as you liked the first two. And I cannot WAIT to share the rest of the series with you. It’s going to be BIG!

          1. I hope yr new spinoff will be on audiobooks as well. Love the storylines and the circus world specially when you add the magical world. Will you be having the same characters from the Big Top or are you having a few and the rest will be new one? :)

        2. They should be on audiobook as well. Still working out dates though.
          As for characters…there will be a lot of old familiar faces from the show, and a couple new ones to keep things interesting. :)

          1. That is fantastic 😀
            Well I can’t wait to listen to them and cheer for my fav characters on their advantage. :)

  13. Will there be more to the circus series? I just loved these books especially since I coach gymnastics and have a performance team and we try all sorts of weird cool things :)

    1. Yes! I’m super excited to be continuing the world of The Immortal Circus in a brand new spinoff series that debuts this September. More to come very soon!

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