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Since this is my personal site, I figure I should give a slightly more personal bio. For my ‘official’ (ish) bio, click HERE.

First off: my name. Because I realize it doesn’t sound at all like it’s spelled. Kahler rhymes with Taylor. And my first name is Alex. ūüėČ

I was born in a tiny town on the eastern edge of Iowa on Nov 26, 1986 (I appreciate fine dark chocolates and whisky, in case it’s that time of year). No, I didn’t grow corn and no, you probably haven’t heard of the place. We didn’t even have a coffee shop (though apparently we now have Starbucks! Moving up!). I got out of there at age 16 by sending myself to boarding school. I know what you’re thinking, but this was¬†artsy¬†boarding school. Interlochen Arts Academy, to be exact. I majored in creative writing my junior and senior years of high school.

Because of my innate oh-look-shiny nature, I bounced around colleges after that, finally getting my degree from Bennington College in ’10. I didn’t study writing in college. Instead I did literature and visual arts and anthropology–because I think I just wanted to be unemployable forever. During this time I spent a little over a year living, working, and studying in Scotland. Namely Glasgow. I also did some work with various circus groups, specializing in aerial fabric. Because why not?

After graduating from Bennington I moved to a town in western Massachusetts and opened an art studio. It flopped. So I did what I always do: picked up and moved on. This time to get my Masters in Creative Writing from Glasgow University. (Again: I wanted to be unemployable.)

I landed my amazing agent Laurie McLean a week before leaving the country. A year later (yes, a year later. Publishing takes time), we sold The Hunted. A month after that, we sold my graduate thesis project, The Immortal Circus. The rest is history in the making.

As a gay man, I’m strongly dedicated to positive queer representation in literature, especially for young adults.

Currently, I’m playing nomad and traveling the world. Turns out there’s a lot out there, just beyond my laptop screen….


Email me : AlexRKahler @ gmail DOT com
Fuse Literary
Attn: Alex Kahler
PO Box 258
La Honda, CA 94020

For anything business-related, I am represented by the fabulous Laurie McLean of Fuse Literary.